Smoke + Meat = Pure Happiness!!!

Hey everyone!  John The Midwest Flatlander here, and you guessed it.  We are talking about two of my most favorite things--smoke and meat!  If you like both, you are in for a treat.

Okay, so I love smoked meat--brisket, pork, turkey, BACON, the list goes on.  There's just something about smoke that makes meat happy and me happier.  So when my buddy's wife texts me and says that he's gonna fire up the smoker this weekend and asks if I have anything I want to throw on, you can bet that I'm gonna go to and fro to the ends of the meat department and find something.  And I did!!!  The meat of choice is a 14-15lb turkey.  Yum!  My buddy prepped this dude with the seasonings you see here, as well as stuffing the cavity with whole onions and whole peeled apples.  This setup produced two "flavor zones" in the final product.  The meat towards the skin side had a really awesome smokey flavor.  The meat closest to the inside of the cavity had that awesome onion and apple flavor.  Put pieces from each flavor zone together and the taste buds would dance a jig.  It was an amazing flavor experience!!!


Now my buddy custom built his smoker from an old propane tank, so it's big and beautiful.  It requires a lot of wood to get that perfect smokey flavor, so he likes to make sure it is full of meat when the fire is lit.  Enter the Flatlander who is always willing to help in a time of need especially in a time of meat crisis.  He was smoking some pork for a family reunion and had a little space left on the rack, so my turkey was off to the smoke shop for an 8-hour bath of pecan wood smoke in this bad boy.

Smoker 1

It's go time for this bird!!!

Light It Up

After about 8 hours give or take, this bird is done.

Turkey Done

He texted me when it was ready, and I came and got it to go!

Turkey Done 2

Now that is what I call Smoked Turkey on the flat land.  Special thanks to my buddy K and his awesome smoker for some out of this world smoked turkey.  The Flatlander household polished off this bird in two days, and it was a mighty fine two days.

That will do it for this session.  I'll see you next time, and remember leave no trace...leave a legacy.

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